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A Lamb and a Llama

A Lamb and a Llama is based on the true story of Picasso the llama and Nola 

the lamb.  Picasso is a proud llama who looks after the other animals on the farm.  When a mischievous lamb named Nola is born, she shakes up Picasso's quiet routine.  One day Nola goes missing, and Picasso learns an important lesson on being friends with those who are different.


With colorful illustrations, A Lamb and a Llama engages children 

while also teaching them about llamas and lambs.  

If you want a copy of your very own, you can purchase one here

A picture of the real Nola and Picasso!

Did you know that Nola and Picasso were real animals?


When Nola was born, Picasso wanted so badly to play with her!  But Nola's mama didn't let him near her baby, worried that he would hurt her.  After Nola escaped from the pasture one day, Picasso was determined her would not let Nola--or any of the other lambs-- out of his sight!  He followed them everywhere and kept them in check.  He even became the official "babysitter;"  the mama sheep would sometimes go out in the pasture to graze and leave the lambs with Picasso.


You can read more about Picasso here.  

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